7 Self-Care Tips to Help Maintain Sobriety

Self care is something we could all use to do more often. Self care in its simplest form is the idea of identifying the relationship we all have with ourselves and prioritizing the cultivation of that relationship. This is important for all of us. It is especially important if you are living a life of sobriety and working on maintaining sobriety. In this article we will discuss a variety of strategies and resources we have identified as sobriety solutions. This will include the philosophy of the sobriety triangle and peer support resources including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Smart Recovery. It will also include lists of the following; best sobriety books, best sobriety podcasts, best sobriety app including the sobriety calculator, and the best jobs for sobriety.

Living by the Sobriety Circle & Triangle Symbol

The “Sobriety triangle is a symbol originally created and made popular by AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). The triangle is a simple symbol which is meant to represent the 3 main pillars of a sober lifestyle. The three pillars are unity, service, and recovery. Unity refers to the fellowship aspect of the program through meeting attendance. It is through meetings that newly sober individuals can meet others and build a support network for themselves which is extremely important in the early days and throughout the journey of maintaining sobriety. Meetings are also where newcomers are likely to meet a sponsor which is crucial to maintaining long term sobriety. The next side represents service. Service is a key tenet of sobriety because in active alcoholism and addiction many of us are extremely self centered. The idea behind service is to get out of that selfish and self centered mindset and contribute rather than just take. This can be accomplished at any stage of your sobriety and can be as simple as helping set up the chairs at a meeting or as service on the World Service Board of AA which represents AA’s interests throughout the world. The final side is recovery. Recovery refers to the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous. The steps provide the foundation for recovery which is why recovery is always written on the bottom of the triangle.

Attend In-Person or Online Sobriety Support Groups

Peer support groups have been a cornerstone of personal recovery for many many years. Alcoholics Anonymous was not the first peer support group but is considered the godfather of sobriety support groups. It was founded in 1926 by Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob. Since then many other support groups have formed including Narcotics Anonymous , Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery. While all of these programs differ, the core of them is the same. Find the sobriety support group you feel most comfortable with and stick with it. It works!

Best Sobriety Books

Sobriety related books can be a great pastime and form of self care for those of us in recovery. Below we have included our top 5 books for sobriety. For a more in depth list please click here.


  • The Alcohol Experiment
  • The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober
  • Alcohol Explained
  • The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Recovery

Best Sobriety Podcasts

  • Shair Podcast
  • Seasons of Sobriety
  • Bubble Hour
  • Keeping it Frial
  • Janey Lee Grace. The Alcohol Free Life.

Best Sobriety App

Apps, Apps, Apps. It seems like now a days there is an app for just about everything. Well good news sobriety is no exception. There are many uses for sobriety apps, including sobriety calculators, apps that have sobriety books and various other things. Our top 3 best sobriety apps and the links for download are below

  • Sober Time

‎Sober Time – Sobriety Counter on the App Store (apple.com)

Sober Time – Sober Day Counter & Clean Time Clock – Apps on Google Play

  • My Big Book App

AA Big Book App – Original Audio, Full Text, 10K hours of Speaker Tapes & Literature (mybigbookapp.com)

  • SoberTool

SoberTool – Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help – Apps on Google Play

‎SoberTool – Addiction Recovery on the App Store (apple.com)








Best Jobs for Sobriety

  • Sober House Manager
  • Rehab Tech/RA
  • Medical Assistant in a Detox Center
  • Addiction Counselor
  • Sober Coach

Best Sobriety Blogs

  • Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center Blog (sorry we are a little biased)

Blog – Harbor Wellness Center

  • The Fix

Blog | The Fix

  • Sober Bliss

Sober Blog – Lifestyle Posts and Tips on Living an Alcohol Free Lifestyle (sober-bliss.com)

  • Narconon

Narconon Blog

  • Smart Recovery Blog

SMART Recovery – YouTube


We hope this list helps guide you towards better self care in recovery. Self care is crucial as part of a healthy recovery program, so if you want to see the days on that sobriety calculator keep going up, find what works for you and stick with it. Remember self care is a journey not a destination.


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