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Detox Coordination:

We offer complimentary detox coordination for any client who may require them prior to engaging in our services. We will make the arrangements for you with a trusted provider to ensure you have a stress free experience and receive top quality care.

All Levels of Care:

HWRC offers various levels of care allowing us to treat patients and all stages of recovery including PC, IOP, and OP. Please reach out for specifics on any of these programs.

Holistic Approach:

We offer our patients a whole person centered approach to substance use disorder treatment. To accomplish this we employ many of the traditional modalities of substance use disorder treatment in addition to some more holistic ones such as meditation, mindfulness, experiential therapy, and spirituality based groups.

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We strive to help our clients and their families transition from addiction to a healthy, sober life. Through our custom plans, Harbor Wellness’ caring specialists will give you the tools you need to achieve a sustainable recovery.

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This place saved my life and changed it… I didn’t have anywhere to go and they welcomed me immediately. See nothing is free and yes it is a business but this place is not money oriented. They not only helped me live a better life but they helped anyone and everyone they could. Everyone is different and that is what people don’t understand. You can’t compare yourself with another because like I said every one is diagnosed differently. The staff to the owners are really caring and yes as time progresses and your mental health is stable, they put more responsibilities on the client because that is what the real world is about. This place is different from all the other because they simply care about the clients’ well being more than anything. People forget the condition they came in and just complain about the accommodations rather than being grateful for all the good they have done and all the help they had gave… They care a lot. I came here alone feeling lonely and now I made something close to a family…
- Dev

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