Narcotics Anonymous Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse disorder or drug addiction, you have likely heard of the organization known as NA. NA, formally known as Narcotics Anonymous, is an organization whose aim is to help individuals who are suffering from drug addiction. Narcotics Anonymous is a self supporting non profit organization, which means it does not accept contributions from any outside entities. It is entirely supported via donations by members and meeting attendees. Operating in this manner allows N.A. to stay true to its purpose of helping the still sick and suffering addict.


Members of NA typically attend meetings, which are formal gatherings of various formats where addicts can go to receive support and discuss getting and staying clean. There is much more to the program of Narcotics Anonymous than simply attending meetings but for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on meetings specifically.

What is the Difference Between NA & AA

If you have heard of Narcotics Anonymous or NA, you have most likely also heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. The main difference between these two programs is that AA focuses on alcoholism, while NA focuses on addiction. There are differences in terminology as well but the premise of the programs is very similar. In fact, Narcotics Anonymous was actually born from disgruntled AA members who felt ostracized because they suffered from drug addiction as well as alcoholism.

How to Find Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

“How do I find NA meetings?” or “Where are there NA meetings near me?” are two questions we hear very often from those individuals who are new to the recovery process. Once upon a time, Narcotics Anonymous meetings were fairly secretive and hard to find. Luckily for the individual suffering with substance abuse disorder or drug addiction, today NA meetings are much more accessible and easy to find. On the NA website there is an updated list of meetings separated by area. There are also apps with the same information. To access the NA meeting finder please click below:


Find NA Meetings Near You


How to Find NA Zoom Meetings Online

As we are all painfully aware, in March of 2020, the entire world changed. Due to the spread of COVID-19 lockdowns were instituted across the united states and much of the world. This meant members of NA were no longer to attend their beloved meetings. This led to the birth of the ZOOM NA meeting. Zoom meetings of Narcotics Anonymous are exactly what they sound like, virtual meetings for NA members. At the time of this article’s writing, there was a pretty even mix of both zoom and in person NA meetings going on. If you are looking for a ZOOM Narcotics Anonymous meeting specifically please click the link below.


Find Narcotics Anonymous Zoom Meetings Online

How to Attend an Online NA Meeting

If you are preparing to attend your first online or virtual meeting of Narcotics Anonymous there a few things you will want to do ahead of time in order to prepare. We have included a list of preparation steps below. After attending a few virtual Narcotics Anonymous meetings, this will be as easy as attending an in person meeting.


  1. Download the zoom app for mobile, or navigate to the zoom website on your computer or tablet
  2. Find a quiet and private place to sit for the duration of the meeting
  3. Locate the log in information and password for the meeting you wish to attend.
  4. Log in to the zoom meeting
  5. Mute your mic (unless you are speaking) and keep it muted until it is your turn to speak
  6. Sit back relax and enjoy your meeting!

Can You Attend an NA Meeting High

While it is not ideal for an individual to get high prior to attending an NA meeting, it is certainly allowed. In fact, if you have already gotten high, a Narcotics Anonymous meeting may  be the best possible place for you to go. Members will likely offer support and try to help you in any way they can. It is also important to note that the only requirement for membership in NA is a DESIRE to stop using. It does not require you to have stopped using drugs already. So if you are actively using but wanting to stop, you should definitely hit that meeting!

How Often Should Addicts Attend NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous recommends attending a meeting every day for 90 days. This is affectionately known as the “90 in 90”. If for some reason a “90 in 90” is not possible or feasible for you, it is recommended that you attend as often as you can in the early days. As time goes on, many members attend slightly less often. You should attend as many meetings as you need to in order to stay clean for the duration of your sobriety.

What Types of NA Meetings are There

There are many types of meeting in Narcotics Anonymous. We encourage each individual to explore as many as they can until they find the format and meeting types that they prefer. Here are a list of some of the more common formats found in NA or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

●      Speaker Meeting

●      Discussion Meeting

●      Open Meeting

●      Closed Meeting

●      Round Robin

●      Celebration Meeting

●      Just For Today Meeting

●      Literature Meeting

●      Step Meeting

●      Tradition Meeting


We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. As always if you or someone you know is suffering with substance abuse or drug addiction, we are here to help! For a no obligation consultation with a treatment specialist please call us at 855-698-3554 or directly at 201-663-2914. If you prefer to communicate via email please CLICK HERE to submit an inquiry.