Summer Activities for People In Recovery


For those in early recovery, one of the major obstacles to sustaining sobriety long-term can be boredom. Boredom is a silent killer. That is not to say that one needs to be busy 24/7 in recovery because that is not healthy either. Like many things in recovery, it is about finding the balance that works for you. Individuals suffering from drug addiction or alcohol tend to spend the majority of their free time finding, acquiring, and consuming their substance of choice so when that individual enters recovery they are left with a “void” in their life. If left unfilled this void can lead to boredom and if left unchecked eventually relapse. The fact that most addicts and alcoholics tend to lose touch with their leisure activities as they descend deeper into their addiction or alcoholism or addiction only compounds the problem. At Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center we believe in “person-centered” treatment. What this means to us is helping clients improve their lives in all aspects, including leisure activities. In order to help clients reconnect with healthy hobbies, we offer various forms of experiential therapies. Our goal is to help our clients realize that sobriety and recovery can be fun, and should be.


As the summer kicks off we thought it would be appropriate to put together a list of summer activities for people in recovery. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a starting point, and will definitely help you kick off your summer while keeping your recovery intact. There are many things to do in the summer but not all of them will be well suited to an individual in early recovery. Some examples of activities that we believe are NOT suitable are going to the club, adult pool parties where alcohol is served, late-night trips to the boardwalk, and beach bars. Obviously, this list is not all-inclusive but should provide a decent idea of the type of activities we encourage individuals to avoid in early recovery.

Top Three Summer Activities for People in Recovery.


Below are our top five summer activities for people in recovery…

Going to A Water Park


Waterparks are great activities for those in early recovery. There tends not to be alcohol served and if it is, it is served in moderation and not the main focus of the event. It also can be fast-paced and exciting, which may scratch that daredevil itch many addicts and alcoholics have.

Going to the Beach


Going to the beach is another fantastic summer activity for those who are in early recovery. Many find the beach to be extremely relaxing and even a meditative type destination. Many beaches do not allow alcohol on the beach itself which is beneficial and even where alcohol is allowed, much like the waterpark, it tends not to be the main theme of the event like it would be at a bar or club.


Have a BBQ With Sober Friends


Barbeques can sometimes turn into parties where alcohol freely flows which is why we encourage those in early recovery to consider hosting BBQ’s specifically with their sober friends. After all, who doesn’t enjoy food and good company?


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